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Personal assaults are a huge issue, whether it be sexual, physical or mental, the stats are alarming.


Homelessness is a serious problem and it doesn’t just affect the poor anymore! Could you be next?

Somnium Space VR

This article is an extensive review of my, over 2000 hours, spent in Somnium Space.

Government Pot

Canadians can now purchase their marijuana directly from the Government. But is that good news?

Milk, What's Wrong

And, why don’t we care? If you’re like most north Americans, you love having a big glass of cold milk anytime of day.


This article looks into liquid cooling for computers. The difference between hard & soft loops. Also “CryoFuel”.

Is This The Future?

Is this a glimpse into Humanity’s future? With everything changing so quickly, it’s really hard to say.

Biggest Scam Ever?

Although there are far too many scams out there, this article looks into eye glasses and the outrageous cost.