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I never thought I’d see the day when marijuana would be legalized, let alone see a time when the Canadian Government would be selling it directly to the public. I have always been a proponent for the legalization of marijuana, for many reasons, such as extra government revenue and more importantly, keeping our citizens out of prison. Personally, I prefer to buy my pot from the Government as it is more convenient,  (delivered to your door) and has some quality over-site, as well as contributing some badly needed revenue to the Government. If you think about it, when the Government makes a few extra billion off of pot (including monies not spent on prisons, prosecutors, detectives, drug enforcement teams etc.) they won’t be knocking on your door for more tax money. (at least not as often)

   Now hopefully they won’t screw it up by selling poor grade pot or charging ridiculously high prices, which would most certainly push people back to the private (under ground) sector.

   So that leaves us with some questions, like, “how does the Government pot compare in quality, quantity, and price”. (to one’s private source) We took a look at 12 different strains which came from 10 different suppliers. Of course we can’t test and tell you about the “high” as that is unique to the individual user, however, we can talk about quantity, quality, packaging and price.

NOTE: It should be noted, that the Canadian Government does NOT weigh and package the marijuana. That is the responsibility of the manufacturer. However, I don’t believe the Government would allow a 26 of alcohol to be sold with less than 26 oz in it.

  The video to the right shows an edited pot weighing and seal check visual account. (Edited to save viewer time. Full unedited weighing video available upon request.)  

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2 thoughts on “Government Pot”

  1. I found the quality of the pot from the Government equal to my street dealer. Some of the prices were equal to my dealer but most of the prices are higher. I am not including the tax or shipping, which pushes the price higher than on the street. So if pot is under weighed, then the cost works out even more!

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