Milk, What’s Wrong With It,

And why don’t we care?

If you’re like most north Americans, you love having a big glass of cold milk at anytime of the day. But what if, from time to time,  your delicious glass of milk had a strange taste or odour?

      In the old days, milk came in glass bottles, but nowadays it comes in many package forms. Most common is the 2 or 4 litre plastic jug as well as  2L, 500ml and 250ml cardboard cartons. They don’t seem to sell the 2L bags  of milk anymore. (at least not where I live)

     So with that being said, here’s the problem… For many years now, I have only purchased milk in the 2L cardboard carton containers. (which costs more than it’s 2L plastic counterpart.) The reason for this is that I can’t stand the random “juggy” plastic taste that comes from milk in the 4L (and presumably the 2L) plastic jugs.

     I guess my question is “Why hasn’t something been done to correct this problem?” One possibility is, like my roommate has mentioned,  that some people are totally unaware of the “juggy” taste and have never noticed it. Personally I find that hard to believe as I am not an overly sensitive person when it comes to taste, yet I certainly notice that, quite prominent, taste!

So, have you ever noticed a “juggy” plastic taste in your milk that came from a plastic container? We’d love to hear your story or comments below.

2 thoughts on “Milk, What’s Wrong With It,”

  1. Here about 6month ago and now anytime I have a little milk and anyone in our house has some we all suffer with gas cramps it’s terrible ! Also the date on the gallon the milk would have a smell that would say yea it’s old but now there’s no smell are the genetically modifying the milk as well trying to kill us?

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